Can't argue with insanity!! People don't break the law, be polite to people in authority and work hard. Most of all take responsibility for your own actions!!!!!!!

Straight outta logic

Sickening, pathetic racists! We are going back in time.  How far? Blacks at the back of the bus? Blacks don't vote?  obama's Legacy ⏏

Funny how for years people fought and some lost their lives for the right for blacks to go anywhere whites could go and now these students are actually turning the clock backward.

Instead of game show, it should be reality show. These liberals have gone off to la la land. It's downright terrifying! Btw...I can't remove that WOW comment. We republicans aren't hypocrites...we're not crybabies.

The new game show for Liberals, democrats, snowflakes and whiny "I want everything for free" childish Americans. Facts do not gain points or merit here, what acertains the "correct" answer is the one who showboats the greatest "offense" to a fact.

Come on people. It is for all people who feel like women that they marched.

This stupid march became irrelevant when Madonna was allowed to speak. She spent her career making herself a useless sex object. Most of these women are just afraid of losing their free abortions.

They're idiots. I love they way they ar being exposed for whom they really are.

They're idiots. I love they way they ar being exposed for whom they really are.

Liberal logic - Burns the American Flag, says it's her right. Wants to ban anyone from flying the Confederate Flag.

Thinks Huckleberry Finn should be banned cause of "N" word Loves Django Unchained.

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Facebook Wednesday …. Plus!!!

"Rac*ist - A Conservative winning an argument with a liberal." Thomas Sowell Make that any conservative merely arguing with a liberal.

Republicans have been for equality since the days of Lincoln. The “Johnny come lately" Democrats only showed up when Kennedy,attached himself to the civil rights movement out of political...

Not only wrote the Jim Crow laws, but passed them without a single Republican vote. The dems also filibustered the Civil Rights Act which was passed with almost all Republican votes and almost no dem votes.

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It is an example of communism cause trump is a political person and he's upper class and him and hitler both hurt thousands of people