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Professionele make-up artiesten gebruiken en misbruiken ze tijdens modeshows! Ze voegen een vleugje glamour toe aan elke make-up. Deze fijne lichte glitter vormen een sprankelende sluier over het gelaat lichaam en haar en kan tevens worden gebruikt als uitgangspunt voor allerlei thema's. Online Professionele Make-up

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Shopping was good, bought a bread mixer, some supplies for work, returned over $1000 in junk today. Fed the kids and laid down for 15 minutes before I started making supper. Lol second child syndrome, 4th child syndrome will be bad. Actually Nico has been baby'd a lot. He is whiny and spoiled. And I bet this next will be as well.

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Eye Templates For Crafts | think I am going to make a bunch more of these to put all over my ...

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Neck Muscles Anatomy - Anterior Triangle - Part 1

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WWI’s “Tin Noses Shop” – The Art of Early Facial Prosthetics

A 1918 film, “Men With Broken Faces”. It shows Anna Coleman Ladd and Francis Derwent Wood working in their Paris studio with WWI soldiers. It shows the effects of war and can be a bit disturbing to watch.

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DIY Solid Shea Butter Salt Scrub Cube Recipe

DIY Solid Salt Scrub Cubes Recipe for those who prefer a good salt scrub over sugar! Plus a solid cubes means less mess in your tub!

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Human Body: The Respiratory System

vocal-chords facts about the vocal chords. Here she demonstrated how the vocal chord vibrate when air passes through them. Just take a toilet paper tube and wrap wax paper over one end. Secure with a rubber band. Make a vertical slit. Blow through the open end to demonstrate air vibrating the vocal chords.

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make a 'bad hair day' by writing their name over and over for the hair

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Make your own makeup remover #happinez - Er is maar één manier om zeker te weten welke ingrediënten je (huishoudelijke) spullen bevatten: maak ze zelf. Kyra de Vreeze - ze schreef ooit ‘Daytox’ over het ontgiften van je lichaam - geeft elke week een recept voor het ontgiften van je omgeving: van wasmiddel tot tandpasta tot muggenspray.

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Romantic Rose Jasmine Sugar Scrub

My Mom Made That: Romantic Rose Jasmine Sugar Scrub

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