Lichtgevende strijkparels

Met lichtgevende, glowing in de dark-verf
lichtgevende strijkparels
Playbox Lichtgevende Strijkparels
Easy way to make a fairy jar! Get glow in the dark paint and a jar. Paint dots all over the inside of the jar. Put it out in the sun to charge. Then take it inside and turn of the lights.
#ASFwishlist  A fun craft with your kids and it can be their nightlight!!  #ASFisSweet
DIY Sparkle Fairy Jars!
Here you'll find several Outdoor Mason Jar Lights projects to brighten and add a stylish look to your yard or home patio.
Take any boring jar and make it into a galaxy light. This is so much fun to make at sleepovers, parties, or play dates.
Une idée pour décorer de paillettes roses ces jolis vases.../    DIY Glittery Pink Vases In Navy and Coral of course!
"Fire flies in a jar" fill a jar with water,cut a glow stick in half and dump the contents in jar,add glitter and shake who new!