Louis Armstrong on the MGM set of 'High Society', 1956 • Photographed by Bob Willoughby

Louis Armstrong (August 1901 – July Satchmo or Pops, was an American jazz trumpeter, singer, and an influential figure in jazz music.Louis Armstrong on the MGM set of 'High Society', 1956

Louis Armstrong.

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Louis Armstrong.. Arguably the best trumpet player of all time.

Louis Armstrong, American trumpeter, singer, composer and conductor. New York City, Halsman's studio. April (Photo by Philippe Halsman)

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A collage of music: Louis Armstrong's Museum open to trick-or-treaters; Jackson's 'Thriller' lives

Louis Armstrong teaching children how to play the trumpet. Melts my heart

Louis Armstrong - easy the greatest live show I ever saw featured Louis Armstrong. Unforgettable.

Jazz Trumpeter Louis Armstrong Waving to a Crowd of Adoring Fans as Their Applause Rolls over Him Premium Photographic Print by John Loengar.

Louis Armstrong

Pops - Satchmo - Louis Armstrong Father of Trad Jazz What music what a musician!

Satchmo Louis Armstrong

Satchmo the Great, 1957

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On this day in LIFE Magazine… Louis Armstrong: “I never did want to be no big star” (Really the editor couldn't edit his bad grammar?)

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Jazz Fest Poster 2001

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2001 by James Michalopoulas shown. Link to images of Jazz Festival posters through the years.

Louis Armstrong - Wikipedia

Louis Armstrong - Wikipedia

Louis Armstrong - Wikipedia

Louis Armstrong - Wikipedia