Restoring love and healing hearts

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special! This is what I need to do to make my life complete again

5 Minute Love Magic | I had so much fun with the 5 minute morning rituals the other day I thought since it was Friday I would do some 5 minute love rituals today! Come check 'em out and work a little love magic this weekend.

These 5 simple and practical love magic rituals can help you being in new love quickly when done with some stellar focused intention.

Love Spell - Soulmate Summoning  ~ Blonde Gypsy ~

Hermoine may start to fall for Harry or Ron so she might eventually want a spell to get one of them to feel the same way.

find real love hold salt over the fire in your hand envisioning your love repeat these words ; heart-stopping, earth-shattering, romance-movie-rivaling, character-straight-from-a-jane-austen novel.

becomingwiccan: “ A basic knot magick spell for beginners just seal your intentions into the rope. ”

Witch’s Ladder Knot Spell: beware, this is a potent spell! I use this one a lot for constructive Magic; the kind that summons/creates.


Love Spells That Work Immediately - love spells that work really fast and are easy to cast - these Easy Love Spells work immediately to bring you the free results you want - RIGHT NOW.

BoS2 - free Book of Shadows pages to save or print - Section Two

- free Book of Shadows pages to save or print - Section Two lost love spells south africa