Beauty and the Beast Luis Royo Matted Print " New Secrets". Measures 11 x 14 matted.

Luis Royo New Secrets Matted Print

Subversive Beauty - Luis Royo Fantasy (I wish the creature's left "hand" had been drawn lower, perhaps by her right hip, for a better yin-yang composition, but it works anyway.

Her eyes welled with tears. He didn't want her. He pushed her away. But he had told her he loved her.

He squanders so much of his talent on overt graphic carnality. Anyone who could render the beauty of Woman as he does here is meant art of a higher order.

This is Morrigan

Luis Royo Subversive Beauty - Heavy Metal Girl Wallpaper Wallpaper 10 abr_royo_subversive_beauty_the_guardian_of_the_black_dragon


If you have not attained legal age to view adult themes, please go elsewhere.I believe in the dignity of the individual, that life is too hard to spend time adding to the burden of others, the.

Meanwhile Back in The Dungeon...

Meanwhile Back in The Dungeon...