Mac "Twig" dupes!
Mac 'Brave' or 'Twig' lipstick and 'Whirl' lip-liner!

Lip Pencil

Twig mac lipstick another beauty I have just purchased ♡
MAC TWIG. - a soft natural almost nude pinkish-brown. A flattering lip color for almost anyone. - Long Lost Travels

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MAC - Twig
Whirl lip liner, twig lipstick. Or brave lipstick. (kylie jenner lip color) by myrna
MAC Lipstick - Twig. Looked good on me, it's a little bit darker brown than a pure nude. i'd buy it eventually or a dupe.

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Dupes.... previous pinner said Got the pic from another Pin but I added the brand and lip color name over each swatch. I do not own this image. I simply edited it myself for better readability for myself and for other readers. As you can see, many dupe colors for various high end brands to drugstore brands.
I'm so obsessed with #Mac #twig !