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Lipstick has become the most important part of any make up. Lipstick color generally is dependent on your personal taste. The outline color ought to be slightly darker than the true lip color.

Inner Corner: Crystal Avalanche MAC {White frost}  Front Lid: Mylar MAC {Cream hue}  Outer Corner: Handwritten MAC {Dark brown black}  Blending color: Copperplate MAC {Muted gray brown}  Top Eyeliner: NYX gel liner with BB Angled brush  Bottom Eyeliner: Dior waterproof eyeliner  Smudge Shadow: Copperplate MAC^ {Apply to bottom liner for blending}

Bridal beauty: bold wedding makeup ideas for daring brides

wedding makeup lip combo: Mac cosmetics cultured liner honeylove pretty plush plush glass

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Absolutely loved doing my little beauties makeup this evening lots of sparkle and glitter was used to create this look lip combo: Mac cosmetics "cultured" liner "honeylove" "pretty plush" plush glass

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27 Pretty Makeup Tutorials for Brown Eyes

brown eyeliner around eye, white shimmer to top, pink, outline corner to top with brown, dark in corners Brown eyes