Mailbox Gardening: Zinnia Beds For Scorching Summer Color

Mailbox Gardening: Zinnia Beds For Scorching Summer Color Easy flowers around the mailbox!

Now if I could only keep the neighborhood dogs from peeing on it...this would work in my yard.

Flowering Mailbox Gardens Boost Curb Appeal

Mailbox garden - Our mailbox is on the road fronting our house, and a small flower garden next to it would be wonderful. I'm just worried the mailman won't appreciate our bees lol

Vinyl Mailbox Lettering

Our self-adhesive vinyl lettering works great for marking your name or address on a mailbox. We do have reflective vinyl available for extra visibility at dark.

mailbox plants - going to do this with some clematis and purple queen

That's right - yard work. *shudder* We actually have quite a bit we "should" do in both the front and back yards to [.

This guide is about landscaping around your mailbox. Planting around your mailbox isn't a necessity, but when done well, it can visually change the overall look of your yard for the better.

Landscaping Around Your Mailbox

Paths and walkways are an integral part of every garden. They allow you to get from one place to another easily in order to maintain the garden.

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