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Jaren 80 make-up ✨

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1. ? I also don't know 2. 80s hair and makeup 3. 4. Unknown

and makeup for everyday was very natural looking. Women wore a lot of makeup just to look like they were not wearing makeup! In the later the colors of the makeup took off again.

Jaren 80 make-up ✨

Period Project Rocker): Annie Lennox, reference for writing assignment

Jaren 80 make-up ✨

Carol Alt c. - The use of heavy contour blush, flourished in the Concern/innovation: Makeup was more obvious. Pale powdered skin was preferred.Lipstick was darker & to achieve pouty lips some women would get silicone injections.

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Dolly Parton: Most people think of "big things" coming from Texas, and Parton was known for her big boobs and big country music career. However, Sevierville, Tennessee is where both of those started to grow out of her mother's womb.

Jaren 80 make-up ✨

I feel that make-up is very like the but it has completely lost its classical element.

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I'm loving: Make-up uit de jaren - Lotte Loves Beauty

Jaren 80 make-up ✨

You may not remember them that well, but they were equally fabulous if not more so than the models. The models of today should really bring back the exaggerated poses that were so popular ba

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A modification of this look would look great for the spring ensemble. Where Professional Models Meet Model Photographers - ModelMayhem