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A lady in a faux bob hairstyle with a headband. Pearls were the statement style jewellery during that time.

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The previous pinner was so right, but don't forget using blush as eyeshadow. Makeup We didn't have enough blush unless it looked like we were wearing racing stripes.

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I'm loving: Make-up uit de jaren - Lotte Loves Beauty

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Period Project Rocker): Annie Lennox, reference for writing assignment

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Debbie Harry - this is the makeup i'm doing for the Christmas Party

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Spring Fever Heats Up the Streets”S BAZAAR US, February Marco GlavianoModel: Jennifer BealsHappy birthday, Jennifer!

thewildprincess: Maddona

Do not be afraid to take from the past, especially the which have a horrible reputation for being the worst fashion decade. Take bits and pieces and add them to your modern wardrobe. This way you got a little classic flair to the Manic Mondays. Más

I feel that make-up is very like the but it has completely lost its classical element.

Tips de maquillaje fáciles, curiosos e infalibles - ¡Siéntete Guapa!

Hra s očný tieň, ale je potrebné urobiť obočie a lepšiu riasy lol