How to Contour for Your Face Shape

Every contour tip, trick, technique and tutorial isn't right for every face shape. We'll tell you the best way to contour based on your specific face shape.

8 tutorials to teach you how to apply make-up like a pro

How to do a great conservatively lined eye along the waterline. Accented by using a glittery pink-vanilla shadow.

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Makeup Ideas & Inspiration soft color for larger looking eyes - for small and hooded eyes - pink shadow

Makeup Color Correction

Best Ideas For Makeup Tutorials Picture Description Makeup Color Correction - The missing step in your makeup routine. Learn who should use color correcting, how to use them, and what colors work best for

BAKING 101 A step-by-step guide to whipping up no preheating required. Sorry dictionary, but the term “baking” has a new definition. What we normally associate with.

32 of the Best Foundation Tutorials

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The Perfect Smoky Eye for Your Eye Shape

To land the perfect smoky eye meant just for YOU, we put together a guide based on your eye shape and the ideal smoky shadow look to make your peepers really POP!

32 of the Best Foundation Tutorials

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Top 10 Simple Makeup Tutorials For Hooded Eyes