drum major cakes | Cake for Drum major in marching band. Madt to look like her uniform ...

The marching band cake speaks to my eternal inner band geek. Cake Wrecks - Sunday Sweets Goes Back To School

Well, here goes my band, freshman and I am already doing the whole thing. (one of only 3 in my school doing the shows with upper classmen)

summer band camp :) teehee :) Taylor remember when we had that one day when i almost died that was fun :)<<omg I feel like I know you because the leader of my section is named Taylor and several people in marching band have almost died

Fraser High School Seniors Marching Band Cake  Decorating

Marching Band Cake Decorating I would love to make a cake like this for our high school kids

Marching Band | by DenyseAL

These were done for a parent's band booster meeting. My daughter is in the marching band and I find myself offering up my cookies for special occasions.