Matt Corby. fantastic musician/singer/songwriter! seen him live and it was great! and looks good too ;)

Matt Corby has excellent chill vocals, which put out a vibe similar to Bon Iver or Youth Lagoon. At times, however, Corby transforms his voice into a tremendously soulful and sincere sound that add…

18 Times Matt Corby Made You Incredibly Thirsty

18 Times Matt Corby Made You Incredibly Thirsty

Matt Corby - not sure what's better, his face or his music

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b-e-l-l-i-s-s-i-m-o: “ wall-flovver: “ get-in-control: “ i love you. ” matt corby you perfect human being! ” matt corby is so perfect!

'Sleep now under my skin/Make sure you'll try to conjure the wind/And ease my mind.' -Matt Corby

Matt Corby with his amazing voice! Listen to the song "Brother".

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I have a thing for brown eyes but Matt Corby is so hot. I'll let it slide