Santa Rosa Labyrinth design
could do this in a small space for a peaceful, prayerful walk

(Santa Rosa Labyrinth Foundation) Something like this with moss in place of the plantings might work beneath the trees in the side yard.

Meditation spot! Fung Shui style with a great bamboo fence back drop.

bamboo screening - NOT as straight as desired // Meditation spot! Fung Shui style with a great bamboo fence back drop.

Sunset Landscape book II - Eye of the Lady - Horticultural and Stock Photography - Doreen L Wynja

what is the plant with the enormous green leaf in the foreground? Eye of the Lady - Doreen L Wynja

Fragrant plants and stirring grasses for a beautiful garden sanctuary ~ I live in the High Plains, I want a meditation garden...this looks like great inspiration to me.

Rockies and High Plains Meditation Garden Plan

HGTV Gardens offers tips for plantings and design elements to create a Southwestern meditation garden.

Harmony Bells: Like the bells that have rung in Tibetan monasteries for thousands of years, this trio of Asian-inspired harmony bells help create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Set of 3 bells are cast of metal and have wooden clappers inside each for a gentle ring when rung by hand or the play of the wind. Each hangs on a jute cord. Bells measure from 7 3/4"H to 4"H. $15.99

Harmony Church Temple Garden Bells - These look nice, different from typical "wind chimes".

Streaming Fountain Arch - We want to build a meeting place here at Abu Peak with walls made like this!

Outdoor shower/water day for kids.Could easily be made with hollow box uprights, run the water tube through one and the top hollow box with a PVC tube that you drill holes in for the water to run out. Faux paint it to look like copper, really pretty easy.

Meditation garden. Ok James build me one of these to mediate on. :)

What a wonderful place to relax. The sign really makes it too. Defeats the stress free purpose.

Meditation Gazebo - Portfolio - Living Earth Gardens

Modern life can be quite stressful. Many people are utilizing meditation techniques to reduce stress and find inner peace. There are ways of transforming your ordinary backyard space into an outdoor.

A Cairn, composed of stacked stones, is often found on hiking trails as a symbol of guidance /,Garden%20Accents=Cairn

Got Stones? Creative, Easy and Artsy Ways to Use Rocks in the Garden! Did this myself with larger sand stones. Not as uniform along the edges as the round stones but still eye catching!

zen garden outdoor meditation area. You walk to the center and back, over and over again till your think your done.

Meditation doesn't necessarily mean inactivity. A simple feature such as this meditation walk is a garden focal point and a way to focus your thoughts. Note how the size of the stones goes from small to large as you move to the inside of the circle.

Garden art.  Use a broken bird bath, or other container, to load up with meditation stones. Could even put in sea shells.

Turn a Garden Bird Bath into a Planter

Meditation garden idea: broken bird bath or other container, load up with meditation stones