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I'd love to use sketch people in my computer renders. I think that'd look so cool. not that it hasn't already been done before...right?


Middelburg - City hall which had to be etirely rebuilt after 1945, it had been bombed into rubble


This little play cooker has been a long long time in the making. Sometimes life just gets in the way and even though it wasn't too h...


silver decals on grey, elephant in tutu


Per Reenie ...with the weather we have been having, this is just the perfect little girl to exhibit.


Trinity has a sleeve covering her right arm. The sleeve is a collection of realistic, black and white flowers. After having been bound to her geist, Trinity added a snake to her sleeve. The body of the snake is slithering through the flowers, and its head rests on the back of her hand.


You notice her sitting down on the sidewalk, fiddling with the buttons on her camera. The wind blows a few stray hairs into her face, but she doesn't seem to notice. She aims the camera upward, getting a shot of the New York skyline just as the sun sets. You realize you've been staring, but before you can look away, she catches your eye and gives you a smile. " its beautiful, isn't it?" She says wistfully. You just nod and look up at the sky. It is beautiful, yet no one seems to notice.


tattoo - Lotus Flower Tattos-I've been saying I want a lilly but i think i just changed my mind.