Insignia List: Girl Scout Juniors
Where to Place Insignia on a Uniform Girl Scout Juniors (Ages 8-11)
So you just had two amazing years with your girls as a Brownie Girl Scout leader. Now what? Are you ready for the next level, Junior Girl Scouts? Today I just want to help you understand a little more about bridging from Brownies to Juniors. As you know bridging is a special ceremony for the …

How to transition from Brownie Girl Scouts to Junior Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Leader 101: Get Moving Journey as a Sleepover
Things Girl Scout Juniors Can Do Volunteer Resources Guide
Links to PDFs of Badge Requirements, hard to find elsewhere  Public Juniors - Girl Scout Troop 5362 (Yazoo City, Mississippi)
Now this is useful - badge tracker for Junior scouts. Available for free from the teachers pay teachers site.
Earn the Staying Fit Badge with your Junior Girl Scouts. Five easy and fun activities to do with your girls at your next Girl Scout meeting or campout.

5 Fun Activities to earn the Junior Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge

Movie ideas for the Girl Scout Junior Agent of Change journey. Sometimes it’s easier to talk about those issues in the context of others’ stories, rather than …

Movie Ideas for Agent of Change Journey

Girl Scout Leader 101: Junior: Simple Meals badge
Today I wanted to share some great ideas to help your Girls earn the Scribe badge. Since one of the big things we do as leaders when trying to figure out what to do for a badge is get online and find new and exciting ideas I thought I share what I already found so …

Great Ideas for the Girl Scout Junior Scribe Badge

Write a Real Author While Earning the Junior Scribe Badge

How to Write an Author While Earning the Junior Scribe Badge

jUNIORS - Wrap up a journey in a sleepover or something??? Girl Scout Leader 101: Amuse Journey in a day
Girl Scout Juniors - Savvy Shopper badge - Ideas for time capsule, wants to needs banner, 1950s-era toys, comparison shopping activity sheet and more!