Remember The Date Tattoo by Pink Tattoos

30 Elegant Shoulder Tattoos for Women With Style

In memory, but on my right shoulder. Would fit in perfectly with my other tattoo on the left shoulder

“'I'm since you have been' blows me away with each single tattoo he does. LOOK AT HOW CLEAN! Take a look at his work…”. >> Find out even more by clicking the picture link

My memories make me stronger Might get this to honor my grandpaw

this holds meaning to me. the memories that we created feb. 2010 are the worse memories i have but they make me stronger.

Emotional memorial tattoos -

Signature tattoo - Totten Totten Egan-Reid - I was thinking of doing something similar to this with Mom's signature.

heaven has my hero tattoo, number 5                                                                                                                                                                                 More

heaven has my hero tattoo number 5 i plan on getting.Adding my grandpas birthday to it!

Heartbeat Tattoo

Heartbeat tattoos for men symbolize that life is precious and it shows off a brilliant combination of emotions and science. Check out the best ideas!

Memory Tattoo                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The tattoo I got in remembrance of my grandmother who passed away in "Love always, Grandma" ❤️ - ̗̀ ριитєяєѕт ❥❥❥

How many butterfly tattoos is too many? I love this for my mom and my dad but that would make my 3rd tattoo with butterflies in it.

I would truly love to do this. Maybe for my mom & dad. But a yellow rose In the place of one of the butterflies. Then figure out what to do for my dad.rather I keep the butterfly and make it his favorite color, Lavander purple.