Art Ed Central loves this Mermaid Tutorial by Twisted--Fantasy on deviantART

I love drawing mermaids, but the scales take FOREVER. Now I know some other ways to draw their tails

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ah some cute mermaid references ! i have to say that i really love drawing mermaids. however this is a more cartoony style, and i enjoy it very much.

Mermaid in a jar

no one should ever do this to a mermaid yes i want to meet a mermaid but they probaly want to be left alone.but this is a picture of a Mermaid in a jar

Mermaid tutorial by uppuN on DeviantArt                                                                                                                                                                                 More

So I did the mermaid meme and I want to help all that need it ^^ Here's how to draw mermaid movements easily Draw head Draw spine.

Consider an expressionless, black hearted, soulless look for the tattoo (instead of provocative)

This is really beautiful. I wish that I could sketch out works of art like this. Lately I've found it difficult to find time to complete or begin my own art projects~This truly is amazing, she looks like a Mermaid princess~

Hair is beautiful so is that face |For more mermaid love, click here-->

Pictures, art, sketches, girl drawing, girl sketch This is so good it is so pretty and can you believe someone drew this😱👍🏻

mermaid by ~Nseiki102 on deviantART - I love the fin on this one too :)

sketch of a mermaid for a tattoo flash sheet we are producing in the studio. it seems like all i have to upload lately are mermaid ladies.