Clint Eastwood | by Alain Duplantier

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So quite simple - Tattoo Art. I am not a tattoo person, but I am an artist and a photographer, so this appeals to me

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If you're worried about the pain, you have no business considering ink. Tattoo Pain Meter

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Frozen Heart - Looking back on my trip to Argentina a few years back, I am still amazed by the variety natural wonders and climates found there. From the far south, near El Calafate, lies the most incredible one of all - Perito Moreno. This glacier is 6km wide and one of the only remaining advancing glaciers in the world, moving almost 3 meters per day! Piercing sounds of cracking ice shoot through air as massive slabs break off into the water. Hands down the most magical place I've ever…

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Wondering how much that next tattoo will hurt? A tattoo enthusiast website has developed a pain-o-meter and pain chart to help the soon-to-be-tattooed gauge how much pain they are in for. As expected, tattoos on the head and face won't feel very good. 

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High-speed photograph of a bullet piercing a banana, at 1400 meters per second; 1978.

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Viras's features include a spike-shaped head capable of piercing through a meter of steel, a brain with an IQ of 2500, organs for producing a force field and controlling the minds of others, tentacles that are 10,000 times stronger than an elephant's trunk and which can emit powerful beams for space travel, and organs to break down cell tissue and control metamorphosis (for creating its human disguise).

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Small Infinity Tattoo Design: Upper Shoulder

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Venus by Maria Tash: Providing the Best Piercing NYC Offers | Clean Piercings, Gold Belly Rings, Diamond Nose Rings

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Added a loop at the bottom of the heart to form an infinity sign. Represents Lamentations 3:22-23 to me.

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