Ah, handsome Michael Vartan -- looking at this makes me want to watch some early "Alias" episodes...

Alias - Michael Vaughn/Michael Vartan Because, Vartan as a doctor is enough for us to watch anything!

Michael Vartan - possibly one of the best looking men on the planet. Look at that smile!!

Farewell letter from

This is my Christian Grey - Michael Vartan.

Vartan and Mrs & Mrs. Aww who cares Vaughn is back! Word is out that Michael Vartan will be returning to Alias for as many

Michael Vartan. I adore him :3 :3 :3 ughhh he looks like ...... :3

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Michael Vartan......................hot

Farewell letter from

I've only started watching "Alias" recently and seriously. Where has this man been all my life?