Minas Tirith, een mooie inspiratie om een stad als kasteel te maken

Minas Tirith

Minas Tirith, The City of Kings....wonder how much they would have charged for a night?

ZE LOTR Minas Tirith – RELEASED!

Model: Minas Tirith                                                                                                                                                     Mais
map of Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien
Stein may be compared to Minas Tirith in some ways.
"But we have the White Wizard. That must count for something, surely?"
Minas Tirith by AnthonyAvon on DeviantArt
Minas Tirith Made from Matchsticks
Alan Lee - Minas Tirith
Race to Minas Tirith -- not exactly how i imagined it but pretty awesome nonetheless
MINECRAFT. I WILL BUILD THIS IN MINECRAFT. DEFINATELY. already downloaded it as a minecraft map a long time ago, but it was incomplete. <<<that would be cool!

An Insanely Detailed Map of Minas Tirith Covers Every Inch of the City

Indiegogo Campaign Raising $3.8 Billion To Build Minas Tirith

Fictional Movie Locations Depicted as Mid-Century Travel Posters