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Molly Drug Facts - MDMA Ecstasy Information

Molly Drug Facts - MDMA Ecstasy Information | Molly, a form of Ecstasy, has been all over the mainstream lately. But how did it get there, and what does it mean? #refinery29


Molly has been a common drug lately & everyone is trying it. Pop 1 and your sweating? Let me explain why your sweating: Molly is a drug made up of cocaine, crack, ecstasy, meth & bath salt. It slows your heart rate 10x the normal limit & reeks havoc on your immune system with just one pill. Take two & it damages your brain without you even being able realize it. It becomes an addiction & soon a cry for help. By the fifth one you take, it starts killing your organs & preventing them from…


Scientists are saying that ecstasy can actually treat several forms of cancer!!!!! Birmingham University researchers first discovered the unlikely link between the illegal substance and a viable therapy for common blood cancers like leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma in 2006. Additional research produced an atomically tweaked version of ecstasy’s active compound, MDMA, which bolsters the drug’s cancer-fighting power 100-fold in test tubes.


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