“You must be careful in the forest of thorns. There are tales about creatures that kill anyone who is foolish enough to cross this way. Anyone who goes in, never comes out.” -Author Unknown

This whimsical charcoal cat drawing 20 Quirky Cat-Themed ETSY Crafts Perfect for that kid in your life who loooooves nightmares.

Zodiac Signs As Creepy Monsters

Zodiac Signs As Creepy Monsters

Wendigo by BunnyStygian.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Just a sketch turned into a simple drawing. It's just my obsession with drawing skeletal things. Referenced from: Wendigo Sketches (thanks to the person.

wonderful monster drawings on post-it notes!!!! #illustration

Edward Gorey is one of my favorite artists. What if he had illustrated Lovecraft's stories or created artwork with Lovecraftian themes? The art of John Kenn Mortensen might be the result.

Don Kenn

Story of a monster who rescues an abandoned child and begins to raise it. It goes through the normal trials of parenthood, plus trying to teach the child to be human.


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