We’ve all seen those insanely gorgeous sea-inspired mermaid hair masterpieces that fill our Instagram feeds, but have you ever wondered what’s it like to actually get the multicolored hair of your dreams IRL? | Here's Everything You Need To Know About Getting Mermaid Hair IRL

We've all seen those insanely gorgeous sea-inspired

➢ StonexoxStone      ➢ Instagram | Pinterest

➢ StonexoxStone ➢ Instagram | Pinterest

Multicolored hair.

Purple blue dyed hair This just makes crave cotton candy. Get this looks using Pravana ChromaSilk Pastels and feel as sweet as candy.

Pulp riot - mermaid bright hair colour & curls

Featuring every vibrant and pastel shade under the sun, these crazy rainbow hair colors will inspire you to get this incredibly bold look for yourself!

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Mega babe in her long Arctic Fox locks 🌙 You can achieve this look by dying your own hair extensions!

Rainbow interrupted by Ursula Goff

A moderately detailed list of my favorite brands in every color, with specific product descriptions and why I like them, in addition to a few tips and vendor information. ​PDF file that requires.

This is the current HOT trend for multicolored hair - Galaxy hair! Enjoy our gallery and the video tutorials at the end!

Almost wanted to add this to the Art category rather than Hair ~ I love the color range Artist/photographer unknown