1989 - The Berlin Wall comes down....and my son was stationed in Germany with the army at the time.  He spoke fondly of the wild parties in celebration!

Bringing down the Berlin Wall, 1989 - 'I remember watching this on TV as it was happening. I was My mom told me, "Pay attention. You're watching history happen right now." I said the same thing to my son when Obama was elected President.

Berliner Mauer.  The Berlin Wall is outlined throughout the whole city with brick and this sign.

ღღ Berliner Mauer - The Berlin Wall dividing the City from 13 August 1961 - 09 November 1989

Berlin - 1989....I remember and it was Ronald Reagan who led to their freedom...

November 1989 - the fall of the Berlin Wall; 2 years after President Reagan's famous speech "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!

hier probeert een man te vluchten over het ijzeren gordijn, maar hij heeft pech want er staan twee soldaten hem op te wachten.

Tearing Down the Wall in 1989

A West Berliner is kneed in the back by an East German border guard while playfully sitting atop the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate, Nov.

doing this with my kid one day!

it seriousley just kills me to see taylor grow up it makes me sooo sad! I'm about to cry! But I do love you forever more the more you grow!

Berlin Wall Falls in 1989

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1989 _ The Berlin Wall Falls. - Thought that would never happen. Who can forget that. Hard to believe it was ever like that. First thing that came to my mind: "Your son could serve a mission in East Germany! 15 years later - he gets called to Berlin.

Top 10 Wonderful Reasons Why You Should Visit China

Top 10 Wonderful Reasons Why You Should Visit China

East German Authorities close the border between east and west Berlin and Construction of the Berlin Wall begins.

Allied Occupied Germany was divided into East and West Germany. Here citizens of East Germany peer through the "Berlin Wall" at West Germany.

A young West German girl points to a large hole in the Berlin Wall,1989

How one in five Germans wish the Berlin Wall had never fallen

A young West German girl smiling at her father as she points to a large hole in the big hole in the Berlin walll Nov.

Luigi Ghirri, Atelier Morandi, Bologna, 1989-90

Luigi GHIRRI, Atelier Morandi Bologna, c-print, vintage, matt