After Season 4, Mycroft haters have sort of been like "HA! SEE? Told you he's a weeny!" Like, bruh, we over here in the Mycroft support group (where we congregate every Wednesday evening, celebrating the eldest Holmes and serving cake) knew that before! We were simply the ones who said ".....Ima love this lil guy" and THEN STUCK TO IT! We knew who he really is, that's part of what drew us to him in the first place! He's the "Iceman" because, yeah, if you came hacking away at him with sharp…

Post Talked trash to make Sherlock mad so it would be easier for Sherlock to kill him, sacrificing himself for both his brother and his brother's best mate several times.

Quote from Sherlock 4x02 │  Faith Smith: Well, we just came that way. Sherlock Holmes: I know, it’s a plan. Faith Smith: What plan? (people tracking Sherlock – laughing) Mycroft Holmes: What is it? What… What now? One of the Mycroft’s minions: Sorry, um, traced his route on the map. (route makes the phrase “fuck off”)

35 Best Sherlock Quotes from 'The Lying Detective' (4x02

And at that moment I became a crying mess

It's so clear that Mycroft and Sherlock care for each other even if they both pretend they don't.

I like how Sherlock can't believe Mycroft wouldn't be good with babies. Do these 2 not know each other?

I was surprised that Sherlock was surprised that Mycroft wasn't good with babies or people. But I did think its clever to have Sherlock almost "showing off" baby Rosie to Mycroft 😍