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2.5yrs of hell for him. It's ok though.. He can live his fantasy and he'll do the same with the next girl... Men like him don't change..

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maybe it was becoming Putin's little puppet? All the draft dodging, the temper tantrums, or the multiple bankruptcies, that put many small businesses out of business because they didn't get paid? His lack of empathy, and Narcissism perhaps. This man has NO character at all. He isn't even a decent person.

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Both for fighting with narcissists and fighting with fools.

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Narcs always trying to get a reaction, whether it be from being rude, condescending, sarcastic, mean, or whatever.....

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38 Amazing Motivational And Inspirational Quotes

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You make no sense!!! I knew I wasn't crazy.

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Disrespect. Always expect it when dealing with a narc or an abusive person. It makes them feel big and tough.

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Exactly. I was raised to believe that the voices i heard in my head were the devil or the holy spirit. The problem is that they were actually my own voices of diassociative identity disorder from chronic childhood abuse. Until i could recognize it as that i couldn't deal with the actual issue.

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Yep! You don't have the right to show any emotion after the way they treat you. Anger and emotions are reserved strictly for them, and them only! Double standards!

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Beware of perpetrators in disguise... Some people set fires wherever they go, and have mastered the art of playing the burn victim. - Steve Maraboli

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