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Herstellen van narcistisch misbruik Wanneer je jezelf bevrijd van de macht die de narcist in jouw leven op je had, is het noodzakelijk om je te realiseren dat je door verschillende fases van herstel gaat. Kennis van narcisme en inzicht in zijn motieven en de patronen helpt enorm in het proces. Leer je emoties beter begrijpen door inzicht te krijgen in de verschillende fases van herstel.


Wanneer je net bent gaan inzien dat je partner een narcist is, je onderzoek hebt gedaan en je je persoonlijke situatie analyseert, dan realiseer je jezelf meestal ook, dat je wel uit de relatie moet loskomen om er zelf niet aan onderdoor te gaan... Je zult ook al snel weigeren om nog langer het slachtoffer van …


…recovery from psychological abuse involves completeley rebuilding self-worth, restoring normal adrenaline levels and finding an inner strength not previously known. All that takes time.


When you start to recovering from narcissist abuse, you will change. You might freak everyone out. People who are used to the "old you" may be caught off guard. It allows you to set up boundaries and let others hold their own pain and anxiety instead of you taking it on for them. You become more assertive and confident. Allow this to happen. The dust will settle and everyone will adjust.


Don't feel sorry for me. I mean, who really got the raw end of the deal here? I only lost you: a lying, frightened, using and abusive poor excuse for a human being. And you lost me.


Egotistical people. They think they are always right. Hurt you. Talk bad about others behind their backs. Stab you in the front and back. Will never apologize for they are on high horse.

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Want to meet someone who has seen evil in human form and actually became stronger through the experience? Want to talk to someone who has wisdom beyond their years? Want to see what inner resiliency looks like in a person? Spend some time with a survivor of narcissistic, sociopathic and psychopathic abuse. They are some of the most sparkly gems I have ever known #narcissist #sociopath #psychopath #recovery #sparklygems