natural playground design

I really like this as the inspiration for clustering things together. for a larger space. I can imagine the center being a large turf mound.maybe multiple "centers. Not for our small backyard though.

smaller version of something similar for our kid? I like play areas like this because 1. they're more natural, 2. they allow for imagination to grow and 3. they can be incorporated into our landscape

Adding stumps and other balancing elements creates a sand play area that is so much more than just a sand box. This appeals to a much wider age range than a box of sand. Can become a fire pit when the kids get older.

Quirky Bohemian Mama - A Bohemian Mom Blog: Natural Playground Inspiration {Outdoors Play, Organic Playgrounds}

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Use different height stumps/logs to create a climbing structure. Incorporate this into the bow of the boat somehow?

circle of stepping stones and stumps, via Our Day Our Journey: Digging and digging and digging and digging

Good for goats. A natural playground- Climbing logs around a sandbox area. Instead of pavers in front use boulders.

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Natural Playground Inspiration {Organic Playgrounds}

Seasons of Play: Natural Environments of Wonder: Create natural play environments that allow children to explore, learn, and grow while they play in nature.