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Nephews & Nieces I would love to have this on a tee shirt because this so true .

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Some say the eyes are windows to our souls. I disagree. Much can be deciphered when someone smiles. I can't get enough of an adorable smile! and if you need a officiant call me at

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See You Later Alligator by Summer Snow - Toodloo kangaroo.Summer Snow Art has been at War Eagle the last few years

The Best By Far - Beautiful Love Quote:

The Best By Far - Beautiful Love Quote

The bests days of my life were the first moments my babies were placed in my arms ❤ Cecilia and the satellites

for his art wall

and he told me of mountains, my nose bleeding red, he told me. he told me i was his hero. this 16 year old kid.

I Love My Nephew

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:) Let go of thoughts that no longer serve my purpose. Use my energy and focus on the positive.

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