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15 Tatuajes que elevan el nivel SEXY de un hombre al 100%

No line watercolour rose tattoo

50 beautiful coloured tattoos, from florals to geometric shapes

Beautiful Rose Tattoo the water paint/ watercolour effect looks stunning, although this does look fake or maybe a tattoo concept, either way it still looks pretty. Delicate, exotic and gorgeous!

On my shoulder with thorns, pink ribbon, add buds for granddaughters

15 No Line Flower Tattoos You Must Love

I think after my next tattoo (a piece built from lines and boldness), I want to go for a line-less tattoo in watercolour inks. Love the contrast.

12 Ultra-beautiful No Line Tattoos for Women

When many people think of tattoos, they usually envision a lot of crisp, clear lines and bold colors. That is, after all, the traditional style. But thanks to new advances in technology and art, that’s no longer the only option. Aro Tattoo in Korea is proof of that. There, artist Silo uses soft lines, bright, springtime... View Article

These Beautiful Tattoos Look Like Delicate Watercolor Paintings

We are here and offer you something pretty and stylish all the time. Today we collect some ultra-beautiful tattoo photoes from the Internet. They are all about no line tattoo designs. No line tattoos are more real than any other tattoo designs because they are one of the 3D tattoos. In the post, we have[Read the Rest]

12 Ultra-beautiful No Line Tattoos for Women

Awesome use of negative space Watercolor deer tattooed by Javi Wolf - Love the colors. Negative space with color awesome. Wouldn't get a deer though.

Artist Creates Soft And Delicate Tattoos That Look Like Watercolor Paintings

These Beautiful Tattoos Look Like Delicate Watercolor Paintings