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A Look Back: 15 Vintage Household Ads

Home Improvement Ideas from Way Back at WomansDay.com- Old Advertisements Gallery - Woman's Day

Racism - Old Advertisements   THIS SAYS IT ALL.  first, let me make it very clear that I am in no way a racist or have any issues with regard to anyone's ethnicity. The reason I have re-pinned this pin is to give a perfect example of why Pinterest "picking pins" for pinners based on previous pins is not only intrusive to the original intended Pinterest experience of curating boards on your own, but even more importantly, "suggested pins" could result in images personally offensive staring…


The Most Successful Song Hit of Coon Coon Coon by Lew Dockstader, Gene Jefferson, and Leo Friedman

Oh goodness... Budweiser you cheeky sum'bitch.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

22 Ill-Advised First Drafts of Great Ad Campaigns

Oh goodness... Budweiser you cheeky sum'bitch. More

Lol... it actually existed. Vintage Ads. #Vintage #Ads #Advertising

13 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today

vintage everyday: Racism Has a Long History in Advertising. Here are 15 Shockingly Racist Vintage Ads

Great old advertisement!  Wish young women would have this mentality today! #freedommarketingcanada #advertising

Vintage Fitness Ads You Won't Believe Existed

Well, things are a bit different now.

vintage weight GAIN ads. I can't even imagine this as a problem. Different times.

vintage weight GAIN ads I wish I had this problem of needing to gain weight!

And if in doubt, try some Old Dick chocolate. | 22 Vintage Adverts That Would Be Banned Today

22 Vintage Adverts That Would Be Banned Today

"Old Dick" Milk Chocolate Candy Bar ''Pot-O-Honey''

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"They're happy because they eat lard" ad, - Who knew the key to happiness is lard?

Cheer up old cock!

old tea advertisement posters - Cheer up old cock! Tea revives you!

A vintage coffee ad. The old style way of printing, and line work, is beautiful and delicate, which is missed out on a lot in modern days.

Old Advertising Clip Art - Coffee Ad

Old Advertising Clip Art - Coffee Ad - The Graphics Fairy

Vintage Thermometer-Dr.Pepper

Vintage Thermometer with Clock - Dr.

If you look at the old ads and design of the Pop-Tart, it appears that you used to "cut along the dotted lines" and pulled them apart. The filling oozed out of the middle where you split it, but now you just have one solid pastry to heat up and then chow down.

13 Things You Never Knew About Pop-Tarts

Old Pop Tarts Commercial.

Politically Incorrect Old Adverts

What young girl wouldn't feel better about herself if she wore Chubbettes? Yes, this was a real clothing line in the and for "bigger" girls. A girl's body Image problems started early.

old advertisement + clear + vigor - Google Search

1951 Marlboro - Just one question, Mom . can you afford not to smoke Marlboro.

Racism - Old Advertisements. Can you believe that people did this to other living human beings? Stupidity!!!

All Coons Look Alike to Me/ music by Ernest Hogan; words by Ernest Hogan :: Sheldon Harris Collection

Cola - Old Advertisement, thats why diabetes started, get em hooked on sugar early

Vintage cola advertisement by the Soda Pop Board of America: 'For a better start in life, start Cola earlier!' How things change!