Old Cemetery, since 145 years this grave is decorated with fresh flowers

Old Cemetery.For 145 years this grave continues to be decorated with fresh flowers.Our gravestones last much longer than we do.

* * > I am a cemetery by the moon ublessed.-------------------------- [Charles Baudelaire - Paris Spleen

JGallagher- The cemetery in the book seems to be dark and creepy and this cemetery does a pretty good job at scary dark and being creepy. In the book Pip is at the cemetery and looking at his mothers tombstones then he meets a convict.

Cemetery                                                       …

Minster Church, near Boscastle in North Cornwall. I have been here many times, beautiful setting and lovely church.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. Final resting place of Proust, Chopin, and Edith Piaf

Pére Lachaise Cemetery Paris, France Final resting place of Proust, Chopin, Wilde, and Jim Morrison.

I actually like looking around old graveyards. : )

taphophilia (n.) passion and enjoyment for cemeteries. Often practices involve graveyard photography and/or art, epitaphs, interests in (famous) deaths, gravestone rubbing.