Smog of London hiding Big Ben - Taken by Linley Sambourne, 1905

Big Ben envolto em névoa, 1905 / Smog of London hiding Big Ben! - Taken by Linley Sambourne, 1905

Old London, circa 1870, photographer unknown

Close No 193 Hight Street - 1868 Scottish photographer Thomas Annan’s view of the poor living conditions in the narrow lanes just off the High Street, Glasgow. Annan was commissioned by The City Improvement Trust to document the city’s slums which.

Just some utterly amazing photos of Victorian London!

The Ghosts of Old London. At the entrance to the Oxford Arms – the Society for Photographing the Relics of Old London was set up to save the Oxford Arms, yet it failed in the endeavour, preserving only this photographic record.

Long Forgotten London | Spitalfields Life   Click Through - wonderful sketches of houses long gone.

The Old Fountain, Minories, London Built c. demolished 1793 Taken from Walter Thornbury’s Old & New London, 1873

St. Martin, Ludgate with St. Paul’s Cathedral, c. 1900

Martin, Ludgate (also called St Martin within Ludgate) and St Paul’s Cathedral, 1900 (from The Fogs & Smogs of Old London - Spitalfields Life)

pp Old London Courts - Extra Hint: Double click on the photo to get or sell a travel itinerary to London

Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland (photo via home-biba). Yeah, gotta go to Edinburgh--and i'm going.

London, Match Seller, Greenwich 1884.

Match Seller, Greenwich London victorian era london was a very harsh environment for young children living in poverty

The Grapes at Limehouse | vintage everyday: Old London in the Nineteen-Twenties

The Grapes, Limehouse, England. An historic riverside pub dating from 1585 and still in business today.

London, Clerkenwell, St John's Gate c.1870.

St John's Gate The historical Gentleman's Magazine was printed from offices here, so my fictional Gentleman's Periodical was printed nearby.