Great collection of vintage medicine bottles.

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Before every pill came in an orange-tinted bottle with a white cap, they were dispensed in small glass numbers with sharp little labels. They often treated minor problems in ways that now seem craz…

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8 Best Images of Printable Medicine Labels Vintage - Printable Vintage Medicine Labels, Free Printable Apothecary Labels and Vintage Medicine Bottle Labels

old cannabis medicine bottles with cool fonts

old medicinal cannabis. I have an old tin (empty now) of Asthma medicine that from the smell of what was inside made me think it had more than a hint of weed in it. According to the instructions you were to ignite the powder and inhale the vapor.

How to clean old bottles the quick and easy way!

How To Clean Old Bottles The Quick And Easy Way!

Love old bottles but find them to be a pain in the you-know-what to clean? Try these tips on how to clean old bottles the quick and easy way!

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Label for 'Flatulence' Pills marketed by Parke-Davis - Does it *give* it or *prevent* it? Taking something with the main ingredient "Vomica" is iffy.


A bottle of Pertussin from my grandmother's house. It was a medicine used to treat "catarrh".

Brain salt for just about any problem with the brain

Effervescent Brain Salt - Headache Humour Medicine, UK ca. 1890 Cures headache AND indigestion!