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So true. I've already won. I'm happy as can be with my life and my little family! and with that said I'm done. You keep acting like an immature insecure little girl tho.. #DEUCESBITCH

Nope truly sad how some immature females are just because they are all jealous and obsessed !!!! I feel so sorry for her because she is so miserable that her main objection in life is to try and make everyone else miserable.

Probably why he's going to have to pay for and support her the rest of her life. She couldn't survive on her own. Needs a man like she needs air!


Junior high called. They want their drama back.

ecard about immature women - Google Search


Man... Some people just don't know!

Rori: Creo que estas actuando de manera inmadura. Lorelai: No estoy actuando. (Traducción un poco literal de más, pero la si no la gracia no se entiende)

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lol block me only to use anothers page to follow me! wow insecure much!

I am not going to feed into any attempts to upset me. You make your choices and you suffer your own consequences. The end.

Free, Breakup Ecard: He needs a girl who is a decade younger because she is equally immature, unrefined, and matches his subpar mental acumen. He is finally a