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im not a big animal person, I mean I like them but I don't own any and don't wanna take every cute thing I see home but, this little fella or gal is stinkin cute!

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In this aquarium you can shake hands with otters (Happy Holidays!)

Yup, you can shake hands with an otter at Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park, Miura City, Japan >>> Love it!

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When it's time to eat, rest, or sleep, otters float together on their backs in a formation called a "raft." While rafting, otters will often grasp hands so that they don't drift apart in their sleep.

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Awwters. When otters fall asleep in the ocean they hold hands so that they won't drift away from each other. If they do let go they immediately wake up again.

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These otters look like they got caught misbehaving

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Otters Holding Hands Art print - Otterly Romantic - perfect wedding present or engagement gift

Otters Holding Hands in Love Art print of original otter painting - perfect for Valentine's Day by WhenGuineaPigsFly on Etsy

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Otter is Adorably Embarrassed

Otter is Adorably Embarrassed. He just needs someone to hold hands with.. otter,Animals,GIFs,adorable

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babyotters can even be held in your hand!

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33 Times Otters Saved The World Just By Being Adorable

And finally…these adorable buddies who know that every once in a while we all need a good snuggle. | 33 Times Otters Saved The World Just By Being Adorable

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Many otters mate for life and sometimes they hold hands while sleeping in the water to avoid drifting apart.

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