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2,600 year old orthopedic implant in the bones of an Egyptian priest,Usermontu.The screw Usermontu's surgeon implanted into his bones was over 9 inches in length(poor fellow!)It looks as if he lost the ability to bend the limb.Still,I have seen similar cases of permanently impaired mobility after "modern"orthopedic surgeries! My hat is off to the surgeons who achieved this feat in that era-without modern anesthesia,before germ theory emerged,without modern antibiotics-brave souls indeed!

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10 Rules to Consider Before Handing Your Kids a Cell Phone

10 cell phone rules for kids

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Also watch, "Take Heed, You've Been Warned... RFID Implants comming soon!!! " A Microchip implementation will be mandatory for all american citizens living in the U.S. by March, 23rd 2013 it is stated in the Obama Health Care Bill! H.R. 3200 section 2521, Pg. 1001, paragraph 1. in the Obama Health car...

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Neon Boneyard Las Vegas - old Las Vegas signs

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Character Concept Art - Hunt for Food. by SeanNash on DeviantArt

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Thank Jesus I'm not the only whose thought about this

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6 days old human embryo implanting

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Digital implant disaster.

It's the year 2032. You are 16 years old and your parents won't let you get the new digital implant. You decide to buy one off the dark market and have your buddy Harold put it in. Things don't go as planned.

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Alexander Fehre’s Renovation Of The ''Weltspiegel Cottbus'' Century-old Movie Theatre

The color and the material concept are orientated towards the original tones as the architects respected the history of the building where the refurbished property has been complemented with new materials and colors. The stage portal and the balcony were treated in the same tone to mark that these components did not exist in the original construction (circa, 1911), but were implanted in a rebuilding phase in the 1950s.

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Alright, bear with me on this one. You can read in detail about this here, but the article goes on a bit, so here’s the gist of it (you can struggle through the science talk, I know it. I have faith in you.): Memories are, at their most basic level, changed connections among cells in the brain. Proteins are needed to make new memories, and they’re also needed to recall old ones. An experiment was done with lab rats trained to associate a loud sound with a painful electric shock - the rats’…

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