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Outdoor fireplaces and fire pit design and installation in Smith Mt Lake, Winston Salem, Summerfield, King and Mt Airy from Cardinal Lawnscapes.

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, Portfolio: Brick Patio and Outdoor Stone Fireplace I'm going to redo my backyard and I love how I have the perfect hill I could put a fireplace into.

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Beautiful outdoor covered patio with cozy fireplace. "Love the structure and the fireplace", don't have a pool, but the rest would be so cosy in any yard!

Photo Credit: Emily Followill. A stone fireplace is part of the side garden.—<em>Highlands, North Carolina</em>

A stone fireplace makes for the warmest back yard, literally and metaphorically. Especially when living seaside.

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The outdoor stone fireplace kits are much in demand. Stone has been a favorite material for building fireplaces and so when buying the kits, people always look