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Here's a basic walk-through I put together explaining how to bring out the overtones. I ran by each step really quickly so if you have specific questions fee.

This blew my mind. She's singing two notes at the same time. The best pats is the last 2 minutes. Really cool.

This Woman Can Sing Multiple Notes At Once And It's Pretty Mindblowing

In this mind-boggling video, singer Anna-Maria Hefele demonstrates polyphonic overtone singing, in which a singer sounds like they are creating two pitches at once. The singer creates two tones -- .

Learn Vocal Overtone Sound Healing - YouTube

Natascha Nikeprelevic and Michael Vetter are virtuosos at overtone singing. With their program "Okyo" (japanese.

Overtone Singing: The Music of Sound

Exploring the physics, metaphysics, philosophy, and cultural significance of overtone singing and throat singing, I offer wisdom old and new on the theories and methods of this fascinating vocal art that anyone can learn to do.

Avi Kaplan Overtone Singing Lion Sleeps Tonight - Pentatonix Orpheum Los...

Home Free - Ring of Fire (featuring Avi Kaplan of Pentatonix) [Johnny Cash Cover]

This guy was singing at my Ashtanga yoga class today!!  Seven Styles of Overtone Singing (Tuvan Throat Singing)

Alexander Glenfield demonstrates seven styles of overtone singing (Tuvan throat singing), which involves a vocal drone with the same singer providing a higher-pitched set of tones above.

Overtone singing with X-ray (extract of INLAND)

Performer Christian Zehnder expose his singing to X-Rays. Image made with the Dept. of Radiology at the CHUV Lausanne. Extract from the material of INLAND, a film…

Polyphonic Overtone Singing - The ability to sing two different notes at once. A human skill you didn't know existed!

This Woman's Polyphonic Overtone Singing Sounds Alien

When you watch German musician Anna-Maria Hefele demonstrate a few polyphonic overtone singing techniques, you will get chills. "Overtone singing is a voice technique where one person sings two notes at the same time," explains Hefele i.

Three Rare Styles of Overtone Singing (Throat Singing)

Three Rare Styles of Overtone Singing (Throat Singing)