Leuk bijzettafeltje voor in de tuin
Hangende potten voor kale stukjes tuinmuur !!! - bron, etsy-
Schutting van bamboematten (niet duur) in zwart gebeitst houten frame.
This Vertical Garden Planter will make a stunning feature piece in your outdoor entertaining area.

Vertical Garden Planter Box Ideas You'll Love

Pallet wood pergola bench is easy to prepare because there is no need of cutting the wood in different shapes which requires time. It is a good option for the seating arrangement in the lawn; the person can paint the pallets to make the bench look attractive. The pergola bench is shown which is simple; the style can be changed according to the creativity.

Cheap Achievements with Recycled Wooden Pallets

Een pallet kast voor in de tuin
gabion fence/modern wood fence combo
Walls? Fences? A new perspective. Try it with Lands-Design, the free-form desing tool for landscapes: http://www.lands-design.com/features/freeform-modeling/
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