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Traitors used to go to prison, now they get huge pensions and lifelong protection. WHY????

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We The People need to strip the pensions away from Congress. As long as they can get a life long pension of $110,000 - $174,000 a year they don't care if they get fired. Time to set term limits and 2 and only a 6 month pension of 25% of their present pay level at removal. Then they need to find a job like their bosses, WE THE PEOPLE do.

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Famous Writers on Writing: My Favourite Inspirational Quotes

"writing is work. it's also gambling. you don't get a pension plan. other people can help you a bit, but essentially you're on your own. nobody is making you do this, you chose it, so don't whinte" -- Margaret Atwood

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As Corrupt Politicians(Gop Christie) STEALING People's State Pension Fund...or cutting social programs to GIVE to the RICH MOOCHERS this will continue!!!!

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Ryan: cut military pensions, cut social security, cut healthcare. No minimum wage, no bennies, no nothing. Just die.

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Truth be told... He did it all - Outsourced manufacturing jobs overseas, dismantled and raided pension plans, sent people off with no re-training for new careers - he just didn't care as long as the sale of the parts were greater than the cost of the whole.

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Republicans Block Medicare Drug Price Bill

In Australia 28 of these tablets cost $37.50 with a prescription or $5.20 if you are unemployed or a pensioner. Info from chemistwarehouse website correct at 28 nov 2016

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Silent NO More on

God bless you! And thank you for your service. May The Lord give you peace.

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Senate Dems deny last-ditch effort to restore military pensions; illegals’ tax refunds win out

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