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draft, European?

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In Beugen, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands. Equi Photography

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Big strong Dapple grey horse running on the beach. Beautiful Large Draft style, Gypsy Vanner?

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I'm a bit intimidated by the size of this, Percheron, horse, but they are so beautiful!

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Dappled gray Percheron (a draft horse that originated in western France, usually gray or black.)

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It kinda looks like it's wearing cheerleader pom- poms on its fetlocks.

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Diablo came with the farm he was a Percheron, hardly your garden-variety draft horse, born, breed, and trained to carry knights into battle. Charley, the former owner of the farm was a champion knight and spent three years training Diablo to be one of the best knight chargers in the region. Chargers were essentially warhorses trained to joust, knights sat on their back pointed long lances at each other, and charged at each other.

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Mandarin The Percheron. >>That is one enormous chunk o' horseflesh!

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He moved like a dancer, which is not surprising; a horse is a beautiful animal, but it is perhaps most remarkable because it moves as if it always hears music. ~ Mark Helprin, Winter's Tale

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Percheron foal, Jack from Dapplewood farm - size of its bones! ! Lordy gonna be a big bugger that one!

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