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Interesting ideas: Curtained loft storage above low-ceiling changing room and closet space, ceiling grid for lighting equipment, wall mounted storage. Again with the large side windows for indirect natural light.

Happy Spring!   Have you ever looked at someone’s background on a photo and thought it was the coolest thing ever? It happens to me all the time! I always wonder, “How did they get the background that texture?” to “How is that even possible!?” I’ve been doing some research on Pinterest and all over the Internet, and I came up with some simple DIY backdrops! To get started, I wanted to show everyone some cool storage systems that are perfect for your backdrops in an in home photo studio!

DIY Backdrops!

Studio Eight Photo by Input Creative Studio

Photography studio by Input Creative Studio features a playhouse

photography studio design - This playful and chic photography studio design by Input Creative Studio makes both kids and their parents happy. The fun and funky Studio Eight P.

Love this! A movable wall on castors with curtain rod for black fabric. Would be a good idea for my wood wall.

Great idea to use for backdrop or as a giant light reflector -- a moveable wall on vintage castors. one side is painted bone white and one mocha, colour matched from our fav seamless paper. so perfect for.

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