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I-Im sorry I-I cant take this anymore. T-The beatings, e-emotional abuse, the pain. I-I just c-cant. I-Im so sorry Mikey. -cuts deep and swallows pills-

"Una pastilla al día" foto de foto de Geoff Hargadon, (Singapur / Reino Unido).

Street Artist Beejoir’s new sculpture, “A Pill A Day” (Singapore/UK) (photo © Geoff Hargadon)

Create a Glamours Golden Valentine with gold glitter pills and a free printable.

These beauty elixirs, powders and pills promise longer hair, stronger nails and glowier skin

REMOVE CAPTION: The "candy" the Facility workers give to the captive children when they misbehave. It basically puts them through just enough pain to make them never want to misbehave again and makes sure they stay compliant. // caption by @BreathOfAngel //

15 Questions to Ask When Your Doctor Prescribes a Drug. I think should have been "What are my non-drug alternatives?