Zo zijn Jehovah's Getuigen als ze de pioniersschool hebben gedaan.

JLA Vol. 3

Justice League by Howard Porter for the relaunch by Grant Morrison. One of my favorite runs in comic book history.

I have been so excited to release these! These journals are perfect to tote along with you to pioneer school to seperate out all sorts of key points, make lists of goals, record plans for ways to help the congregation in thefuture, even signing pages for the friends from class to write in their contact info. Take a peak at the tabel of contents to see all thats included. You can use these for school or for pioneering in general, the pages are filled with ways to organize your study and…

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Handout for Sunday's lesson on faith.

Handout with highlighter. You have a bright future. End of school year gift. or at the beginning of the school year gift.

Cake made for a Pioneer School in California. Would you like a slice? (Credit: @aaaguerritaayala)

An adorable and accurate cake for the pioneer class in Fresno, CA.