How to Splatter Paint Walls | paint platter
SPLATTER PAINT CANVAS-- Get messy! (lines created with masking tape)
ART... SPLATTER PAINT- This is a type of painting in which the artist takes the paint brush, dips it in a particular color, and splatters it onto the canvas by whipping the brush. He/She may repeat the process with a variety of colors. #DefineMyStyle
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Paint Splatter and Sponge Effects for Teens' Bedrooms

16x20 Paint Splatter Canvas by EASERR on Etsy

16"x20" Paint Splatter Canvas

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop

Mickey Mouse Splatter Paint Canvas 8"x10"

How to make a splattered paint canvas with the chevron pattern.
Paint Splatter Canvas Art...I need to try this!!! i would pick the colors teal purple green and white

18"x24" Paint Splatter Canvas