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To all the men and women in blue.THANK YOU for your dedication to your oath, the hard work to our cities and communities. May God keep you covered in His armor always as you go about your job.

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I was asked last night, with all the increased hatred of law enforcement, and the utter failure of the justice system, why not just strike and walk off the job. He went on to say that maybe then people would want law enforcement back. I said it was a matter of my oath, and public trust. If I walk out in times of trouble, how will you ever be able to trust someone that abandoned you? We hold the line, and pay in our blood. We do this for ALL we serve.

Citizens probably never think of a police officer in this manner. But if you'll just take a moment to stop to think about it a police officers life is just as important as you or your family. Think about it haven't you been unfair?

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Send me. Isaiah 6:8. Police officer. Thin blue line. Sometimes there's justice...sometimes there's just us

We're looking for Mira Williams; she went missing and we've heard reports of her being seen here. So were taking her back to New York to be reunited with her family. *says the cop breaking into the place where Mira is*

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This is true for almost all Law Enforcement Officers ( LEO ). They always put their life at risk in order to maintain peace and order of the community. Police Officers are the who prevents Wolves (bad people) in hurting sheeps (us).