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One way to show your love of all things trippy is with a psychedelic tattoo. Here I present to you 50 tattoos with psychedelic themes t.

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Put on your glasses becuase these unique tattoos will jump right off your arm! Developed by tattoo artist Winston the Wale, these designs feature simple o.

Don't like the van or anything but the style and brightness with a different pic for sure!

Travel tattoo idea: Colorful hippie van tattoo to remember your most epic road trip

Psychedelic tattoo by Kenji -aka- Alucky

Stippling Tattoos from Japan

Black Ink Tattoos by Japanese Artist Kenji Alucky Sacred art on sacred bodies. Black ink tattoos by Kenji Alucky. Japanese artist Alucky (a.

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46 Trendy Tattoo Designs Every Woman Must See

easy pshychedelic drawings | Easy Trippy Drawings ...

might upload finished version one day. Note: Finished version glows in the dark.